I am Riya Soni, an Architect and a Landscape Architect. Since my formative years, I have had a keen affinity towards Architecture and Science and the amalgamation of the same, finally, helped me take the profession of an Architect.

In my other world, I am an Art, Physics, Psychology and History Enthusiast.

  • C.E.P.T. University

    Masters in Landscape Architecture

  • School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal

    Bachelors in Architecture

  • Sadhu Vaswani Internation School for Girls, New Delhi

Skills and Proficiency


Drawing how I see the world


Concept building and Imagination


Architectural, Materiality, Planning and Socio-cultural Constructs


Of variable scales and Typologies.


Exploring the world through my Lens


3D Visualization and renderings

About me

Architecture and landscape have been my interest since my formative years. I believe in an ever-inviting architecture that cohesively answers to complex issues. Concept development, systemic understanding, problem-solving, and design exploration have been my strengths throughout my academic years.

Exploring cultures, markets and juxtaposing them to curate aesthetic and functional spaces has motivated my multi-disciplinary interests. My other interests are photography, sketching, music, exploring cities, and trekking.

Get in touch

You can also email me at riyasoni96@gmail.com